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When we’re open and where we are


Monday: 9am to 5pm
Tues – Fri: 9am to Late
Sat: 10am to Late
Sun: Closed


169 – 173 High Street
North Lincolnshire
DN15 6EH

About us

Café INDIEpendent is a coffee and music house – but, underpinning that, we are an employability project for disadvantaged young people.

So, by day we’re like any other High Street coffee house, except we’ve got morals.

By night we’re an arts venue. We’re passionate about music and often work in conjunction with other promoters to draw in a range of national an international acts – whilst continuing to support the growth of Scunthorpe’s own music scene. We pride ourselves on the diverse and eclectic mix of artists and genres we’re able to host.

Highlights since we opened include Sleaford Mods, Slaves, Viv Albertine, While She Sleeps, The King Blues, Miles Hunt, The Beat, Martin Stephenson & The Daintees, Inspiral Carpets, Mark Morriss (The Bluetones), John Bramwell (I Am Kloot), Rachel Sermanni, Slow Readers Club, Funeral For a Friend, Reeves Gabrels (Bowie), Blossoms, Cabbage, Cambodian Space Project and many many more…

We host a variety of other events, including art exhibitions and installations, fayres and fetes, comedy, spoken word, theatre, pop-up suppers and film screenings. Please check the Events section to see what’s coming up.

We are also a multi-level function space, available to hire. We’ve hosted wedding receptions, birthday parties and baby showers. There is an art exhibition space on the top floor, which is above the Cafe’s tri-level area, and is available to hire for a variety of creative purposes. Please see the Hire Out Indie section on the front page for more information, if you are interested in hiring us out for your own function or event.

Café INDIEpendent is also a Co-Operative. This means the organisation is NOT-FOR-PROFIT. Every penny you spend here gets re-invested in your community on wonderful things. Beyond that it means we are run by and for our members. For more information on membership – the perks and how you can be part of our community please check the Co-Op section on the front page.

Most of the people you’ll encounter working in the Café are young volunteers gaining experience, access to training and youth work support – or just looking to belong to one big community. What we’ve found is that because the people working here are here through their own choice, they’re happy to be here and that helps create the welcoming, quirky environment of the Café. So your drink may take slightly longer to arrive – but the person serving you is going to be friendly and they’re here to learn. Be kind to them please!

Please note: Because of the above, we don’t always get everything absolutely perfect. Our volunteers are here to learn – and they thrive on your feedback. So if there’s ever any issue please do speak up. We do listen, and we’re always happy to correct mistakes. Your input can prove to be a great learning tool for our young people.



Can I buy Staff or volunteers a beer at a gig?
Not really, no. They’re on duty. But please feel free to add to the Tip Jar.

Can I breastfeed at Café Indiependent?
Mums should feel free to breastfeed their children here.

Can I go on the roof?
The roof is out of bounds to the general public. But, under unusual circumstances and by special arrangement, we may allow accompanied access. It’d have to be an absolutely amazing project-related reason, though. Not just because you want to have a nosey.

Can I buy Co-Op Membership online?
Currently this facility is not available. Please see the Co-Op section for more information.

Isn’t INDIE just for young people?
No, not at all! We work with young people behind the bar, but in front of it we’re for everyone! All ages, all backgrounds, anybody and everybody are welcome here. Except for fascists and really rude people.

How do I volunteer?
If you’re aged 16-25 then just pop in! Ask for a registration form, sign up and we’ll be in touch asap. We then do a mock interview (no pressure, it’s just to get to know you better), then induct you and you can get cracking. If you’re older and would like to get more involved please take a look at our Membership information on this site.

Why don’t you sell draught beer?
Watch this space.

Why can’t I buy beer before 5pm (except on Saturdays when it’s 12)?
Because during the day we’re a café. We like beer as much as the next person who likes beer. But, we want to provide a happy, healthy environment suitable for all ages during the day.

What does not-for-profit mean?
It means that any profits we do make are reinvested in good causes. Either further developing the project or maybe one day when we make enough, supporting other local good causes.

What’s your Wi-Fi password?
We’ll tell you when you come in. It’s free to use.

Are you interested in changing your electricity supplier?
No. And no amount of phone calls will make us change our mind.

Why are there umbrellas on the ceiling?
Because when we took over this building the basement was flooded and in 6 inches of water. So it’s a little nod to the mess we found this place in. Plus, we googled it and made sure no one else had done it! We quite like being weird – and we are not superstitious.

Does the ‘INDIE’ mean you only do Indie music?
No, Indie is about independence, not being a massive corporation, about sub-culture, being a challenging, critical voice and doing things for the right reasons – not just to make money. So yes, we’ll put on indie shows and listen to some indie music, but indie is just as much hip hop, punk and jazz as it is your classic ‘indie’.

Are you accessible for disabled people?
Yes, the ground floor, basement and mezzanine are all wheelchair accessible via our Stair Lift.

That’s a bit much for a coffee isn’t it?
Coffee is expensive these days. But, we checked to make sure we were cheaper than all the big boy chains that don’t like paying tax.

Do I need to have a beard to get in to Café Indiependent?
Yes. Yes, you do. Especially if you’re a girl.


Hire out INDIE

Café Indiependent is versatile, flexible and very accommodating. But don’t just trust us – please make sure you check out some of our wonderful reviews on Facebook (there are far too many for us to have faked)! Spread across four floors in a 10,000 square foot building, we can cater for a vast array of different sorts of event.

Café Indiependent is a licensed premises. We’ve hosted Weddings, Christenings, Adoption Parties, Birthday Parties and Funerals. But, we’re not just a place where your event takes place. We get involved. We’ll work with you to keep the costs down and the fun factor up. We’ll get to know you, your plans and your guests in the process. We are not your typical staid, beige, boring empty room for hire. An event at Café Indiependent is an event with character. So we’d always recommend that you pop in to get a feel for the place first.

Because events differ so greatly and we’re committed to offering great value, there are no strictly set prices for venue hire. But there are no nasty surprises either. Get in touch with your ideas and needs and we’ll happily work with you to make sure your event is all you want, at an affordable price.

We have a high quality program of cultural events – from gigs, to comedy, theatre, film, spoken word, burlesque, podcast and poetry. We’ve established a national reputation for looking after artists well and providing an uplifting, lively and safe atmosphere. We’re happy to deliver events ourselves or through partnerships with high quality promoters. We’re proud that the Café is able to cater for international touring bands. All this will hopefully make sense to regular users of the Café. If you haven’t been yet, then perhaps the following information will be useful…

Situated in Scunthorpe, just five minutes from the M180 and 20 minutes from the M18, Café Indiependent is the region’s most exciting venue; perfect for hosting conferences and events. Despite the building’s size, we are a 220 capacity venue.



We have the following general areas:

The Entrance level: Where children and families tend to congregate. Perfect for childrens parties, general catch ups, impromptu sing-a-longs by the piano and general mischief. Anybody wanting to use this area for a meeting should kindly let us know in advance but there is absolutely no charge for community groups or use of the space.

The Mezzanine: This is a flexible space available for hire or exclusive use. Suitable for intimate events, acoustic music, spoken word and comedy nights. There is no charge for community groups seeking exclusive use of this space.

The Basement: The Gig Venue. Industry touring standard PA system and 220 capacity music venue. We have the finest sound engineers and pride ourselves on the quality of the system. We also have a genial, lively crowd that have given Scunthorpe a strong name in the music scene. Down here, it’s dark, it’s fun and something you’ll remember forever is bound to happen.

The Upstairs Upstairs: The Exhibition Space. An extremely large area with a ‘New York warehouse loft’ sort of vibe. The space can be divided up by our set of very large portable exhibition walls, for gallery style exhibiting. We can also provide bar facilities for an Opening Night or similar event up there.

· Staging area 8-metres by 6-metres
· Professional PA and lighting systems
· Fully fitted kitchen on site
· Catering available – from buffet to five course meal
· Loading bay for vehicles
· Backstage dressing room
· Car park for organisers, suppliers and contractors
· Facility for sale of merchandise
· Wi-Fi throughout the building
· Technical support if required
· Dedicated events officer


We are a Co-Op

Café INDIEpendent is now a Co-Operative.

It’s possible for you to join us (in exchange for an annual Membership fee), and support our efforts to make Scunthorpe a better place. By becoming a Member you can have a direct influence over the direction of the organisation. We became a Co-Operative because we felt it crucial that our governance reflected our community engagement and, indeed, our outlook – the Café really can belong to everyone.

There are periodic Members Socials. These are not just meetings at which the Staff Team present to the Members and put forward matters to discuss, they’re also an opportunity to get to know some of the other wonderful faces that make up our community. On occasion, the Staff Team will put forward matters for vote. The Café INDIEpendent Co-Operative Scheme is founded on the principle of One Member, One Vote.

There are, of course, some financial perks attached to becoming a Member – discounted hot drinks, gig tickets and venue hire. But the main reason most Members sign up is to support our work with young people and for our community.

Co-Op Membership lasts until the end of January each year. So, if you join in February you will have a full 12 calendar months of Membership before renewal is due. You will need to fill in a short Application Form (our way of checking that you subscribe to our values) and pay your Annual Membership Fee. In return you’ll receive a Membership Card and Membership Handbook. Please note : for legal reasons we are unable to offer Membership to anyone under 16, although we are exploring ways to further engage children in the process of active participation.

The objects of the INDIE Co-Op are specifically restricted to the following:

Carry on the business as a Co-Operative.

Deliver a café and arts venue, primarily developing young people, which serves as a resource for the community and as a springboard for community development.

PLEASE NOTE : We are unable to accept Membership applications over the internet. You must call in to the Café itself and sign up in person, or download this form (here) and complete, and return to us by post along with a cheque for your Membership fee. Membership costs £25 in 2017. There are concessionary rates for the unwaged, for pensioners and for students. If you fall into one of these categories and will be making postal application / payment, please contact us in advance to discuss.

All Membership enquiries to be addressed to our Membership Manager STEVE, whose e-mail address is : steve@cafeindiependent.org.uk

The Staff Team


(Youth Worker)

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(Youth Worker)

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(Finance Director)

Pete doesn’t make mistakes often, but when he does they are monumental. This is the only thing Pete and David have in common.


(Marketing / Media Manager
Co-Op Membership Manager)



(Project Co-Ordinator)

Known for his arrogance, ego and selfishness, David opened the Cafe to further his strange desire to obtain an MBE. But, apparently, the Queen hates him just as much as everyone else.