Aero chocolate; Biscuits, Buttercups and Bowie; Cheese and Chips; Dandelions, Daffodils and Dickens; Eggs; Fish & chips; Glass animals and Glass paperweights; Happiness; Ice cream, Irving Berlin and Ian McKellen; Jaguars and Jacarandas; Kittens, Kitsch and Klimt; Lazing while Listening to Lovely things; Mushrooms, Marc Bolan and Movies; Nat King Cole; Opposing our Oppressors; Poppies, Peppermints, Peanuts and Piglets; Quiet moments of blissfulness; Rock ‘n’ Roll; Seaside, Seashells, Sand-castles and Sunshine; Tea (Yorkshire); Using less sugar; Violets, Velvet and Violent thunderstorms (when I’m watching from inside a safe place); Walks in beautiful places; Xylophones; Zebras and Zippety doo daas. These are a few of my favourite things.