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Can I buy Staff or volunteers a beer at a gig?
Not really, no. They’re on duty. But please feel free to add to the Tip Jar.

Can I breastfeed at Café Indiependent?
Mums should feel free to breastfeed their children here.

Can I go on the roof?
The roof is out of bounds to the general public. But, under unusual circumstances and by special arrangement, we may allow accompanied access. It’d have to be an absolutely amazing project-related reason, though. Not just because you want to have a nosey.

Can I buy Co-Op Membership online?
Currently this facility is not available. Please see the Co-Op section for more information.

Isn’t INDIE just for young people?
No, not at all! We work with young people behind the bar, but in front of it we’re for everyone! All ages, all backgrounds, anybody and everybody are welcome here. Except for fascists and really rude people.

How do I volunteer?
If you’re aged 16-25 then just pop in! Ask for a registration form, sign up and we’ll be in touch asap. We then do a mock interview (no pressure, it’s just to get to know you better), then induct you and you can get cracking. If you’re older and would like to get more involved please take a look at our Membership information on this site.

Why can’t I buy beer before 5pm (except on Saturdays when it’s 12)?
Because during the day we’re a café. We like beer as much as the next person who likes beer. But, we want to provide a happy, healthy environment suitable for all ages during the day.

What does not-for-profit mean?
It means that any profits we do make are reinvested in good causes. Either further developing the project or maybe one day when we make enough, supporting other local good causes.

What’s your Wi-Fi password?
We’ll tell you when you come in. It’s free to use.

Are you interested in changing your electricity supplier?
No. And no amount of phone calls will make us change our mind.

Why are there umbrellas on the ceiling?
Because when we took over this building the basement was flooded and in 6 inches of water. So it’s a little nod to the mess we found this place in. Plus, we googled it and made sure no one else had done it! We quite like being weird – and we are not superstitious.

Does the ‘INDIE’ mean you only do Indie music?
No, Indie is about independence, not being a massive corporation, about sub-culture, being a challenging, critical voice and doing things for the right reasons – not just to make money. So yes, we’ll put on indie shows and listen to some indie music, but indie is just as much hip hop, punk and jazz as it is your classic ‘indie’.

Are you accessible for disabled people?
Yes, the ground floor, basement and mezzanine are all wheelchair accessible via our Stair Lift.

That’s a bit much for a coffee isn’t it?
Coffee is expensive these days. But, we checked to make sure we were cheaper than all the big boy chains that don’t like paying tax.

Do I need to have a beard to get in to Café Indiependent?
Yes. Yes, you do. Especially if you’re a girl.