Your Privacy

Data Protection

As you may be aware, the new GDPR rules come into effect as of May 2018. At Cafe INDIEpendent we are taking steps to show good governance in accordance with the new rules.

Under the new laws, you are allowed to access and remove your data from our systems at any point. In regards to the website – Please see our privacy policy notice.

Subject Access Request

If you require to access your information, we would like to ask if you can put it in writing to the email below and state the reason why.

Please be aware that you may incur a charge.

Reporting a concern of Data Breach

If you feel that your information is not being controlled and handled efficiently and effectively then, please let us know. You can do this by sending us an email at the address below.

Email Address is:

Please be aware that;

  • We will confirm receipt of your email
  • Take up to 14 days to gather information and respond
  • You may be required to come and show ID to verify your persons

Right to be forgotten

If you would like your details to be forgotten, please send us an email and this will be done within 5 working days.